IELTS SPEAKING PART 2: Describe an art or craft activity that you had at school

Describe an art or craft activity that you had at school.

You should say

  • What you made
  • How you made it
  • What it looked like
  • And how you felt about the activity


Well, I have a soft spot for drawing, and I have been involved in several art classes since I was a child. I remember I was hooked on my drawing classes at primary school because my drawing teacher was very approachable, and she had a knack for making her classes really interesting.

In one of my drawing classes, my classmates and I were required to draw the landscape of our hometown. Our teacher sat in front of the class and asked us to draw our picture in 20 minutes. This was pretty much a part of our assessment, so we were all under considerable pressure.

Drawing my hometown’s landscape was a bit challenging because a landscape defies a clear definition of borders. So it can be seen from many angles and always appear different.

However, rather than attempting to depict the natural visual reality, I concentrated on the principal elements and the underlying structure of the landscape, deciding which elements of the landscape I drew and which I left out. My teacher was highly impressed by my work of art, and she praised it and gave me an A+ for my outstanding piece of work. I felt this activity wasn’t just about getting a good mark, but it was also about polishing students’ natural talents for art. What I mean is that we gained some valuable skills at school. For example, my imagination and creativity came along in leaps and bounds through these mental activities.

I know that most students are not keen on arts and they prefer to focus more on core subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry, and biology; but I think that arts are an essential part of life and we should not ignore the importance of art classes.


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