IELTS SPEAKING PART 2: Describe an argument two of your friends had

Describe an argument two of your friends had.

You should say

  • When it happened
  • What it was about
  • How it was solved
  • And how you felt about it


Well, I’m going to tell you about one time when my best friend – Anna – had an argument with Olivia over whether to make a four-day trip to Singapore or Cambodia.

 I suppose it happened around two years ago when I was studying at university. The situation was that we had some time off after a gruelling exam, so we made up our mind to travel abroad.  Anna’s preference was to take a trip to Singapore because she thought it was one of the most exciting cities in the world, offering a host of magnificent attractions to explore, from gorgeous parks, exceptional zoos to upmarket restaurants and shops. On top of that, it has excellent amenities within walking distance. No wonder that the city has attracted couples and families from across the globe. However, Olivia thought we should go somewhere off the beaten track, cos she wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So she intended to make a journey to a picturesque village in the back of beyond, which is a far cry from where she lives.

They kind of had a small argument about which one to travel to. What happened, in the end, was that Anna basically gave in and agreed to go to the village because she couldn’t be bothered arguing over something so trivial like that for a long time. So we ended up taking a trip to the village in Cambodia, and I’m glad to say that we had a blast.

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