Cùng tham khảo Model Answer cho chủ đề Special Costumes đang thi trong tháng 9-12 /2021 nhé.  


  1. Do you like buying shoes? How often?

Well, yes of course! I think every girl is obsessed with footwear like high heels, flats, flip-flops and boots. Seriously, I don’t think I’m a shopaholic, but I buy shoes almost every month. As far as I’m concerned, everyone has to prepare a variety of shoes for different occasions and seasons. So, yeah, maybe this is a good excuse for me to purchase them.

  • be obsessed with sb/sth: bị ám ảnh, bị lấp đầy tâm trí
  • a shopaholic: người nghiện mua sắm
  • As far as I’m concerned: theo quan điểm của tôi
  • a good excuse: một lý do chính đáng
  1. What kinds of shoes do you like?

I used to like sneakers because they are so durable and comfortable, but now I’m more into wearing high heels because they make me feel confident, powerful and glamorous. They just have a kind of magic which will transform my outfit and lift my mood.

  • durable (adj): bền, lâu bền
  • glamorous (adj): đặc biệt thu hút, hấp dẫn
  1. Have you ever bought shoes online?

Well, no. Even though the Internet takes all the hassle out of shopping, I still prefer to buy my shoes in bricks-and-mortar stores simply because I like to try them on to see if they suit me.

  • take all the hassle out of sth: loại bỏ tất cả sự phiền phức, vấn đề ra khỏi (cái gì)
  • bricks-and-mortar stores: cửa hàng bán hàng trực tiếp tại địa điểm
  1. How much money do you usually spend on shoes?

Well, it depends. Now, I’m trying to scrimp and save to buy a new mobile phone, so I don’t spend much money on shoes. However, if I’m not on a budget, I can happily splurge about 10 million dongs every month.

  • scrimp and save: tiết kiệm
  • on a budget: không có nhiều tiền để tiêu
  • splurge (v): tiêu xài rất nhiều tiền
  1. Which do you prefer, fashionable shoes or comfortable shoes?

I’d say it depends on my mood on a particular day. If I’m feeling lazy and not really into dressing up, I pick the most comfortable clothes with the comfiest, coziest shoes to wear.

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