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  • What is your favourite animal? Why?

I’m really into dogs, because they are loyal and protective. Besides, they also provide me with a sense of emotional wellbeing thanks to the unconditional love they give, which is why they’re also great company and comfort for people who live alone.

  • What is the most popular animal in Vietnam?

In my homeland, dogs are the most common pet among homes. The majority of Vietnamese, especially the elderly own a dog since she has numerous benefits. You know, when your puppy enthusiastically greets you after a day at work, or looks forward to being taken on their favourite walk, you know you always have a friend by your side. Actually, dog owners are less prone to depression than the dog-less.

  •  Have you ever had a pet before?

When I was in high school, I used to keep goldfish in an aquarium to decorate my living room. These goldfish were captivating, with their many arrays of colors and completely unique personalities. Goldfish are great for busy folks because they are relatively low-maintenance and don’t require much besides routine water changes and a regular feeding schedule. 

  • Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?

Well, I prefer to keep my pet inside. My dog is indispensable to me, so I want to make sure that she is kept somewhere warm. However, if I kept my puppy outdoors, she would get cold and wet, especially during the winter.



be less prone to depression = suffer less from depression

the dog-less (n) = those without a dog

captivating (adj) = very attractive and interesting

busy folks = busy people

low-maintenance (adj) = not needing much attention or effort

indispensable (adj) = very important = essential

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